“Our patients’ data security is incredibly important to us. 5i Solutions’ SOPs on how to manage this was impressive, and their attention to detail in this area made them an easy choice out of the firms we evaluated. After implementation, we feel confident that we are HIPAA compliant and data is secure.”


“We had gone electronic with our documents a couple of years ago, using shared network folders and SkyDrive to distribute plans to our subs and vendors.

Our estimators and project managers were spending too much time searching for documents, and the duplication of folders had become rampant. Now, we find our documents in seconds and the version control feature is cutting edge. The integration with SkyDrive meant that our transition was seamless for our vendors and subs.”


“Many years ago, my firm had been sold on case-management software that just wasn’t user friendly. Every time we would bring in paralegal staffing, we would have this big learning curve. 5i Solutions introduced us to case-management software with a social media theme. With their support, it cut our learning curve in half, and the user interface has helped increase our production turnaround.”


“Our firm handles intellectual property cases. We had never done electronic discovery before. 5i Solutions’ ability to cover all the bases made sure we captured all the data on every machine and email account. Their field personnel were professional and efficient, and helped us through the process.”